The magic counter and the killer robots

  • A farmer must grow the food (planting the seeds, irrigating, harvesting, feed their animals, slaughter their cows, etc.)
  • Someone else must transport the food to a distribution center, the supermarket and eventually someone drives it to our kitchen. Maybe us, but more and more Amazon.
  • Another human prepares the food.
  • Multiply this process many times over by the items that went into the omelet. Eggs, bacon, tomato, cheese, etc.
  • Not to mention the gas needed to cook it, utensils, the stool, etc.
  • Everyone forgets because we have lived in relative peace for the last few decades but Russia, China, the US, and a few other countries still have a nuclear arsenal capable of blowing up the world a couple of times over. If some crazy decides to blow us all up, we won’t live to see the end of the story.
  • Jeff Bezos continues his relentless march to own every single resource in the world and we all starve because he wants us to. He has an army of killer robots that guard his castle anytime anyone gets close to it and eventually the killer robots become too smart and turn on him and kill him.
  • Since resources are no longer scarce, we can all live for free or close to free because resources are now plentiful and easy to produce. Everyone has a “magic counter” in their home (probably powered by Alexa)
  • Slaughterbots — This term was popularized by an arms control advocacy group. A video was released by this group on YouTube by the Future of Life Institute and Stuart Russell, a professor of computer science at Berkeley in November 2017. The US and Chinese military have the technology to produce autonomous drones armed with tactical weapons that could target anyone in the world by having just their picture. As an example, Chinese military contractors have already started to sell dangerous, autonomous killer robots to customers in the Middle East. For example, the Chinese company Ziyan sells its Blowfish A3 — an autonomous helicopter-like drone armed with a machine gun — to other governments around the world according to Defense One.
  • Nanobots — Militaries around the are feverishly working to miniaturize drones to get the to the size of a fly or smaller and use them to target humans. The company Flir has developed the “Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System”. The Black Hornet is a minute combat-proven nano-drone which weighs 32 grams and possesses navigation capabilities that don’t require GPS coverage. The drone has advanced image processing and can fly for two kilometers at more than 21 kilometers an hour while carrying a thermal micro-camera.
  • Surveillance technology — This technology is becoming pervasive and in the wrong hands, extremely dangerous. On the flip side, in the right hands, it can become a great tool in the fight against crime and other problems. As an example, of a potential benign use, China is currently using thermal cameras to more proactively detect people infected with the coronavirus.




Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Author of “Artificial Intelligence with Python”

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Alberto Artasanchez

Alberto Artasanchez

Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Author of “Artificial Intelligence with Python”

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