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  • Financial health — This metric is highly correlated with age. If you are young and just starting, chances are you are not a millionaire yet. So accumulated assets should not be your only metric. Other things to consider: Are you maxing out your 401k contribution? How much of your take-home pay are you investing? Do you budget? etc.
  • Career health — Do you have a job where you make good money, but you hate the job? You are an example of someone having good financial health but bad career health.
  • Credit health — You may think that this is the same as financial health and they are correlated. However, it is not unheard of to see people that have financial means but bad credit. There are mortgage companies that specialize in catering to these individuals. These companies normally charge higher interest rates and require a higher down payment to provide financing. So even if you have money, having bad credit is expensive.
  • Physical health — Many doctors may define health as the absence of disease. When you go to your annual checkup, they check a few things, do some blood work and if there is no disease, they call you healthy. We all instinctively know health is much more granular. Someone who eats right, exercises consistently, and is physically fit has a much better chance to weather illnesses than someone who drinks, smokes, and is overweight.
  • Mental and emotional health — All the above manners of health are going to be tied together and directly affect your level of stress. It’s easy to be stressed if you are having to work 70 hours a week just to barely make ends meet. If you are working too much, you are probably going to take shortcuts with your eating habits and your exercise routine. However, the inverse is not always true. Just because you have financial health does not always translate into being emotionally stable and you probably know competitive athletes that are never happy with their performance and get depressed about not being fast enough, strong enough, or good enough.
  • Relationship health — It’s difficult to have healthy relationships when you are not happy with yourself.




Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Author of “Artificial Intelligence with Python”

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Alberto Artasanchez

Alberto Artasanchez

Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Author of “Artificial Intelligence with Python”

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